Compounding a hard-to-find medicine

Posted on: 2 February 2016

If you are used to receiving over-the-counter or mass produced medication it can be surprising if your doctor informs that you might need to head to a compounding pharmacy to get your new prescriptions.  Here are some of the reasons that people might need to use compounding services. Temporary disruption to supply In some cases there can be local disruptions to supply, such as a run on flu medication or rabies vaccines, due to local breakout of certain diseases in one area or a shipment of specialised medicine being held up in transit. [Read More]

Is Your Bathroom Cabinet a Museum for Barely Remembered Illnesses? How to Safely Get Rid of Old Medication

Posted on: 18 September 2015

How often do you clean out your bathroom cabinet? Like many people, yours is probably home to many different types of expired medication, possibly for illnesses you don't even remember. Your bathroom cabinet should not be treated as long term storage for expired medication, and old medications need to be disposed of properly. There are some common misconceptions about the best method for disposal, but some of these methods can in fact be harmful. [Read More]